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Key Features:

  • Can be used for year over year analysis, point in time analysis, census reporting, financial clearance reporting and registration actual to goal comparisons.

  • Preserves daily history related to enrollment/registration status and financial clearance status change.

  • Grain:  One row of data per  (headcounts, units, attributes, degree, Academic Load, etc.)  ACJ: Please confirm that this is the correct grain for headcounts as well as for Goals.

  • Data  archiving began being collected in February 2015.  The earliest archived registration date is 2/17/2015.

What Data is available?

  • Goals data starting in Fall 2012 loaded for comparison.
  • Entry Group: when a student starts a given career, the entry group attributes are frozen.  The Entry Group looks at the student’s: Term, School, Degree Level, New/Continuing Type and CPP.  The Registration Pipeline Entry Group information is based on census data and will therefore not match data in the Term Registration subject area.  Census Day history starting in 2010.
  • Supports full CPP Stack, Housing and Tuition Deposits.
  • Includes all students who are on Leave Of Absence (LOA).  The LOA population includes students who are term-activated as well as those who are not term-activated.

What is the difference between the Term Registration and Registration Pipeline Subject Area?

  • Term Registration subject area only shows you the latest version of a student’s record.  It does not track any event changes (example, a change in Financial Clearance or Registration Type).
  • Term Registration is only tracking individuals that have been term activated or eligible to enroll.  It does not track the students who are on LOA and do not have a record in the Student Car Term table. The Registration Pipeline does.

Additional Information

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