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This dashboard page summarizes the data available in the Student Information System (SIS) on technology enhanced education classes. The classes included are those for which

The Mode of Instruction is recorded as

  • Online
  • Online/In-Person Blended
  • Online Hybrid


The Section Type is recorded as

  • Distance Learning
  • Distance Learning Hybrid
  • Non-Cred Distance Learn Hybrid
  • Non-Credit Distance Learning

Data Details

Counts of class sections, class enrollments and units are extracted nightly from SIS.

Reporting Year:  This report reflects Academic Years. An academic year consists of a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer term, which include two calendar years. The academic year on this dashboard is shown with both calendar years hyphenated. For example Academic year 13-14 includes Fall 2013 through Summer 2014.

Counting class sections: One course may contribute more than one class section to the count displayed on this page. For example, if three sections of a course are offered in one term, one in-person and two on-line, a class count of two is shown. The components of combined (crosslisted) classes are counted separately, assigned to the sponsoring department. For example, a two-way crosslist adds two to the class count of the department to which the sponsor section belongs. Only a few technology enhanced education classes are crosslisted.

Counting class enrollments: Only currently enrolled students are counted. Students who have dropped a class and those on a waitlist are excluded.

Counting units: Units (points) attempted are counted regardless of whether the student successfully completes the course. A student who fails a four-unit class contributes four to the unit count.


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