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The Grants by Fund page is intended for an audience that oversees a large number of grants. This would include anyone from a Department Administrator to a Fiscal Officer. This page shows grants separated by sponsored program funds. This includes:

  • Fund 24 - Foundation and Non Federal Grants
  • Fund 25 - Government and Commercial Grants / Contracts
  • Fund 73 - NYUAD Sponsored Programs 
It is important to note that only financial information related to these three funds will be displayed on this dashboard. Financial information for any other funds will not be displayed and can not be accessed from this dashboard. Other reports and dashboards can be used to access project financials for other funds, such as cost share which would possibly come from a Fund 10 - Current Unrestricted.

Required Prompts

There are two required prompts on this page, Business Unit and Fund. Values for these prompts must be selected in order run the dashboard. Additional prompts are available to limit the results that are returned, including prompts for Sponsor, Project Start and End Dates, and Division. 

Grants by Fund Reports

There are two reports on this page. The first report is a bar chart which shows Budget and Committed dollars for each fund. Please keep in mind that these are all inception to date amounts (unless limited by start and end dates). The chart shows aggregate amounts by fund and Org. If you have access to a large number of orgs, then this chart may try to display them all and is likely to be stretched. If that is the case, it is recommended to limit on the orgs in the dashboard prompts as well using the Division, Sub-Department or Org prompts.

The other report beneath the chart shows all of the projects associated to the relevant funds and constrained by the prompts that have been selected. Financial information such as budgets, expenses, encumbrances, pending amounts, projected indirect cost and balance amounts are listed as well. These numbers are totaled across projects by fund at the bottom of each section.


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