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The Grants by Fund page is intended to show users an expense breakdown for indirect vs. direct costs by Project and Org. This page functions slightly different than others, in that a drop-down menu can be used to look at different amounts. When the page is initially run (filtered by the dashboard prompts), it will show the direct and indirect (inception to date) Budget for each project, for each org, for each fund. Using the dropdown menu, users can instead look at direct and indirect actual Expenses. Same is true for Committed Dollars and for Remaining Balance. This would help to answer a number of questions, such as 'What is the total indirect cost across funds for my active grants by org?'.

Additionally there are is a pie chart displayed for each org which shows a relevant direct vs. indirect expense allocation.  

Required Fields

The required fields for this dashboard page are Business Unit and Org. Due to the nature of the dashboard, Org(s) must be selected in order for the reports to run properly. One of the pie charts showing the direct vs. indirect actual expense should display for each org selected that has financial activity.

Indirect Cost by Org, PI

An additional report is available on this dashboard page which shows direct and indirect cost for PIs within an Org for multiple years. This report is available via a link from the bottom of the page and will run based off the dashboard prompts which are selected. As mentioned, this page shows the Direct, Indirect and Total Cost for each PI within an Org. There is also a column which shows the Variance of the Total Cost by PI compared to the previous fiscal year. A line chart is also available at the top of the page which shows the accumulated direct and indirect expense for each org across fiscal years.


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