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The Grants by PI page shows a grant data allocated to PIs and their projects. The audience for the page is a department administrator, grant administrator or fiscal officer that officer a number of PIs or a number of grants within a school or org(s). This page is similar to the other grant dashboard pages in that it shows similar financial data including Budget, Expenses, Encumbrance, Projected Indirect Cost and Remaining Balance. All amounts are Inception-to-Date. This page is also used with the dashboard prompts at the top of the page. By default, those prompts will have Active projects selected. To look at other grants, including Inactive accounts, simply modify the dashboard prompt for Project Status. 

Required Prompts

There are two required prompts on this page, Business Unit and PI. Values for these prompts must be selected in order run the dashboard. Additional prompts are available to limit the results that are returned, including prompts for Sponsor, Project Start and End Dates, and Division.


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