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  1. What is a Requirement Term?

  2. How can I change a Requirement Term?

  3. Questions about Requirement Terms

What is a Requirement Term?

When advising students, you'll often refer to their degree requirements.  This may be something that is true for an entire degree program (such as a minimum credit requirement for a Bachelor's degree in your school) or specific for an academic plan (Not sure what a plan is?  Read more here!).   But what happens when those requirements change?  That's where the Requirement Term comes in. The Requirement Term indicates the term in which academic advisement degree progress requirements apply to the student for this academic program. 

As a made-up example, let's pretend that student who entered in Fall 2019 wants to pursue a Registrar Studies Minor.  The Fall 2019 Curriculum is as follows:

So the Requirement Term in Albert will default to the term the student was admitted into the program: 

But, let's say that the requirements changed in Fall 2021 to this: 

Now you could do several "Moves" on the DPR to show the requirements as fulfilled, but the far easier path would be to update the requirement term to show that the student is not following the Fall 2019 requirements, but that their requirement term is Fall 2021

Requirement Terms live on the student's Program (such as Graduate School of Arts and Science – GARTS), Plan (such as MA in History – GAHISTMA), and – if the Plan has one – the Sub-Plan (for example, GAAFA002).  

You should only change the requirement terms you need to and with very careful consideration. 

Not sure how to do that?  We'll walk you through it. 

How can I change a Requirement Term?

Step 1: Open the CPP

Much like a Plan Change, you'll start your Requirement Term update on the Student Program/Plan page, which we call the CPP.  You can find this page in Albert SIS using the following navigation: 

Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

Search for the student.  If multiple results are returned make sure you are choosing the correct student and the correct school code:

Step 2: Add a Plan Change Row

Using the + button to the right, add a row to the CPP

Enter the first term the student had declared (or undeclared) their major or minor change in the "First Term Active" field.  The Effective date will automatically be generated.  Use the code "PLNC" in the Program Action field:

Step 3:  Change the Requirement Term

Your next step is to change the Requirement Term, but before that, you need to figure out which requirement term to change.  Use the chart above to help understand the differences between Program requirement terms, Plan requirement terms, and Sub-Plan requirement terms.

Program-Level Requirement Terms

Navigate to the Student Program tab of the CPP and update the Requirement Term to the appropriate value:

Plan-Level Requirement Terms

Navigate to the Student Plan tab of the CPP.  Use the second set of arrows from the top to navigate to the plan you need to update the requirement term for.  Verify that that correct plan is chosen and update the requirement term for the plan:

Sub-Plan-Level Requirement Terms

Navigate to the Student Sub-Plan and use the arrow keys to navigate to the correct plan and sub-plan.  Verify that you have the correct plan and sub-plan on your screen and update the Requirement Term:

Step 3:  Review and Save your Work

Take a moment to check that you have only updated the fields required and that all the data is accurately reflected.  Save your work. 

Questions about Requirement Terms

 Why can't I just process these through DPEs?

You probably could!  But you may be able to save yourself some time by simply making an update to the requirement term.

 How long until this change appears?

The change is effective immediately.  If the First Term Active is for a future term, you will see it on the student's record once that term starts.

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