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Milestones are a feature within Albert SIS that allows you to track the completion of non-coursework requirements within a student's Degree Progress Report.  These are most commonly used with Doctoral and Master's degrees, although occasionally are applied to students in very specific use cases.  The following pages provide additional support to understanding and completing milestones:

Reviewing & Completing Milestones

Master's Application Milestones (for MPhil and MS Degrees awarded during the PhD)

You can find a current list of all milestones for Master's programs here:  Master's Milestones by Plan

My Student is Missing Milestones!

Milestones are added to student records after they have matriculated into their program.  If your student has only recently started their academic program, we appreciate your patience while we add those to student accounts.  

If you are expecting to see a specific milestone on a student's account and do not, please reach out to us at to request that it be added.  Please be sure to include the student's N number in your correspondence.  

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