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As of December 15, we have paused all SIS-generated email notifications from the Registrar to January graduation candidates, except for the confirmation sent upon initial application. We intend to restart email notifications on the conferral date, January 24, 2022. 

Starting January 5, 2022, the Registrar will share two daily reports (via NYU Box) containing January graduation candidates who still have:

  1. Not Satisfied degree requirements in the Albert Degree Progress Report (DPR) (that will not be satisfied upon completion of Fall 2021 or J-Term 2022 coursework); and/or
  2. Incomplete (not pending) Graduation Notes in Albert Graduation Tracking.  

To prevent additional delays to graduation processing, we ask that school administrators review these reports daily, and we will commit to completing all memos received for January graduation candidates within one business day of receipt.

We’ve created this video to explain the steps for school administrators to track and resolve outstanding degree requirements by submitting AMMs or taking other corrective action on a daily basis. 

Missing Requirements Report

Video: Missing Requirements Report

Step 1: Open & Filter the Query

Open the spreadsheet found in the NYU Box folder.  The following fields are provided:


Last Name

The student's primary last name in Albert SIS (not Perferred Name)
First NameThe student's primary first name in Albert SIS (not Perferred Name)
University IDThe student's N number
SIS IDThe student's SIS ID, also known as Empl ID
NYU Email AddressThe student's NYU Email Address
CareerThe code for the Career of the student (UGRD, GRAD, etc.)
School CodeThe short code for the student's school
SchoolThe long description of the student's school
Expected Graduation Term

The student's Expected Graduation Term (EGT) code. 

All students on this report should have EGTs of 1218 (Fall 2021) or 1222 (January 2022)

Requirement Term

The Requirement Term indicates the term in which academic advisement degree progress requirements apply to the student for this academic program. 

DPR Requirement

The specific requirement showing as Not Satisfied in the Degree Progress Report

Plan Code

The Albert plan code associated with a requirement.  This field will be blank for general requirements (for example, CORE requirements) and populated for requirements specific to a major or minor.

Degree Checkout Status

The period of review that a student's degree candidacy is in. 

Typically, you may need to filter on one or two columns:

  • School Code or School to find all students within your school
  • Plan Code to find students in a department's major, secondary major, or minor. 

Step 2: Review the DPR

Using the report, open the DPR for a student.  You can use Control-F to search for the phrase "Not Satisfied" or use the DPR Requirement field on the report to look for a specific requirement.

Requirements May Contain Several Items!

Although only one row will be returned for each student on the report, you may find multiple Not Satisfied items under the area provided in the DPR Requirement field.  These items, called Requirement Lines, should individually be reviewed and (if applicable) acted on.

Step 3: Submit an AMM, if Needed

If appropriate, you can submit an AMM (typically a Degree Progress Exception) to update a student's DPR.  Remember that all DPR fields must be complete for a student to graduate.

Find Something That Shouldn't Need an AMM?

If you find that a course isn't counting properly toward a requirement or that the requirement is outdated, please let us know!  Contact your Dean's Office to clarify the requirement and they can send the update to  Please note that all curriculum updates must be approved through the proper school channels. 

Incomplete Graduation Notes Report

Coming Soon!

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