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Mission Statement

The mission of NYU's High Performance Computing Service is to enable and support NYU faculty, researchers and students in their research by providing advanced computing technologies.

The researchers we serve are diverse: a chemistry professor whose work involves the computer simulation of enzyme reactions; a physicist exploring the fundamental questions of particle physics by colliding protons together; a music professor extracting high-level music information from audio signals to characterize the complex relationships between recordings in large music collections; a mathematician constructing a computer model of the beating human heart. All have a common need in order to reach their goals: To understand and manage data through the use of complex, high volume computational processes. 

Our goal is to create a reliable and evolving infrastructure and support system that satisfies the diverse and changing technology requirements of NYU researchers and advances the larger university mission.

Ligand migration in Myoglobin superimposed on a representation of Myoglobin's molecular structure, NYU Professor Eric Vanden-Eijnden (Mathematics, CIMS) and Luca Maragliano (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, U. Chicago).



PBS Script Generator
An interactive tool that generates PBS script based on user's input. Check this page for more details.
Front-Line HPC Consulting
HPC consultations are available once a week, Monday 1-3 PM. Appointments are required. Please make an appointment at




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