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The NYU HPC team currently maintains two clusters: The HPC cluster Prince and the Hadoop cluster Dumbo.

HPC user accounts

An HPC User account provides access to all NYU HPC and Big Data clusters. If you don't have a user account, you may apply for an HPC user account.

Old HPC clusters

NYU HPC team has retired its older clusters (Union Square, Cardiac, Bowery, Mercer). The current production HPC cluster is Prince.

  • Prince

    Prince is the new HPC cluster that is currently being deployed. Prince will replace the HPC Mercer Cluster.

  • Dumbo

    Dumbo is a 44 data node Hadoop cluster running Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (CDH).

    • For a detailed description of dumbo and how to access it, please see the dumbo wiki pages.

  • ViDA OpenStack

    openstack cluster

    ViDA Openstack cluster is currently being deployed. Not in production yet.


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