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The NYU HPC team currently maintains three clusters: The HPC cluster Prince, the HPC cluster Mercer, and the Hadoop cluster Dumbo.

HPC user accounts

An HPC User account provides access to all three clusters maintained by the NYU HPC team. If you don't have an account, you may apply for an HPC user account.

Old HPC clusters

NYU HPC team has retired its older clusters (Union Square, Cardiac, and Bowery). The current production HPC cluster is Prince  .

  • Prince

    Prince is the new HPC cluster that is currently being deployed. Prince will replace the HPC Mercer Cluster.

  • Mercer 

    Mercer has 4 login and 394 compute nodes:

    Number of nodesCPU type and speedNumber of cores per nodeGPUs per nodeTotal memory per nodeMemory available to jobsNode namesNode set name 
    112Intel Xeon E-2690v2 (Ivy Bridge) x86_64 3.0GHz (2014)20 64GB62GBcompute-14-* to compute-20-*


    48Ivy Bridge x86_64 3.0GHz (2014)20 192GB189GBcompute-21-* to compute-23-*ivybridge_20p_192GB_3000MHz
    68Westmere x86_64 2.67GHz (2010)12 24GB23GBcompute-4-* to compute-8-7westmere_12p_24GB_2670MHzdell_westmere
    8Westmere x86_64 2.67GHz (2010)12 48GB46GBcompute-8-8 to compute-8-15westmere_12p_48GB_2670MHz
    16Westmere x86_64 2.67GHz (2010)12 96GB93GBcompute-9-*westmere_12p_96GB_2670MHz
    64Westmere x86_64 3.07GHz (2011)12 48GB46GBcompute-12-* and compute-13-*westmere_12p_48GB_3070MHz 
    64Nehalem x86_64 2.67GHz (2009)8 24GB23GBcompute-0-* to compute-3-*nehalem_8p_24GB_2670MHz 
    1Nehalem x86_64 2.27GHz (2009)16 256GB250GBcompute-10-0nehalem_16p_256GB_2270MHz 
    1Westmere x86_64 2.67GHz (2011)32 1TB1000GBcompute-10-1westmere_32p_1024GB_2670MHz 
    4Westmere x86_64 2.67GHz (2011)121 x NVidia Tesla M702024GB23GBcompute-11-*westmere_12p_24GB_2670MHz_Teslatesla
    9Sandy Bridge x86_64 2.0GHz (2014)164 x NVidia Titan128GB126GBgpu-23-*sandybridge_16p_128GB_2000MHz_Titantitan

    To restrict a job to a specific subset of nodes, you can request the node set name as a feature, eg:

    #PBS -l feature=ivybridge_20p_64GB_3000MHz

    You can see a map of nodes and usage with pbstop. The diagram below indicates which nodes belong to which of the above nodesets:

  • Dumbo

    Dumbo is a 44 data node Hadoop cluster running Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (CDH).

    • For a detailed description of dumbo and how to access it, please see the dumbo wiki pages.

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