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Logging In - the easy, primitive way

Now you are ready to begin the two-step process.

In the boxes below and elsewhere in this wiki, the symbol "$" at the beginning of a line represents the command prompt - don't type the "$", type only the remainder of the line following the "$". Also wherever NetID appears, replace it with your NYU NetID.


  1. Log in to 
    The -Y option allows X forwarding, that is, GUI applications running on the cluster can draw windows on your screen (as long as you have an X server such as XQuartz installed) 


    $ ssh -Y


  2. From there, log in to the cluster you wish to use
    The clusters are named as follows:


    ClusterHost name


    Therefore, log in using one of the following commands, according to which cluster you wish to use:


    $ ssh -Y

    $ ssh -Y

On Mercer you may notice that you are now on a host named "login-0-0" or "login-0-3" or something similar. The cluster uses multiple login nodes and which one you get depends how busy each is at the time. The login nodes are configured identically and see the same filesystems, so the specific node you are logged in to is not important.

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