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  • FAQs: Transitioning from Mercer to Prince
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Access and Login

  • Do I need a new HPC account to access the Prince cluster?

    If you already have an HPC account, your account will work for all clusters (Mercer, Prince and Dumbo). You do not need a special HPC account to access Prince.

    However, if you never had a HPC account you need to request for a new account here.

  • How can I access/login on the Prince cluster?

    Basically, you need to ssh to the Prince login nodes,

    Accessing the Prince login nodes depends on whether you are inside the NYU network or outside. If you are inside the nyu network you can directly ssh into prince. However, if you are outside the NYU network you need to set up a tunnel through the bastion host before you can ssh into prince. Please refer to this page.

File Systems

  • Do I need to copy my files from the scratch file system from Mercer to Prince?

    No, the same scratch file systems is accessible from all nodes (compute and login) on both clusters Mercer and Prince, as /scratch/$USER

  • Do I need to copy my files from the archive file system from Mercer to Prince?

    No, the same archive file system is accessible from login nodes only on both clusters Mercer and Prince, as /archive/$USER

  • Do I need to copy my files from my home directory from Mercer to Prince?

  YES. Home directories on Prince are different from the existing home directories on Mercer. Any files in your Mercer home directory will need to be copied over to your home directory on Prince.

  • How can I copy files from my home directory on Mercer to my home directory on Prince?

    Standard Linux tools such as scp and rsync can copy files. For example, after you login on Mercer, try:

    mercer> scp my file

  • I have software installed in my home directory on Mercer. Do I need to re-install it in my home directory on Prince?

    The preferred option would be to ask the NYU HPC team to install in a system-wide location, as a module, so that the software is available to all users of Prince.

    If the software is not popular and you are the only user or, for some reason, it needs to be installed in your home directory, then, yes, you will need to re-install in your Prince home directory.

Software Available on Prince

  • Can I find the same software on both Mercer and Prince?

Running Jobs

  • Can I use the qsub command to submit jobs on the Prince cluster?

    No, qsub is a PBS command, available on Mercer. It is not available on Prince.

    The corresponding command on Prince is sbatch, a SLURM command. Please see: Getting started on Prince#SubmittingbatchjobsonPrince

  • Do I need to change my PBS scripts in order to submit jobs on Prince?

    Yes. Prince is using a different batch system, SLURM. Your job submit scripts need to be adjusted.


We encourage you to leave further questions in the comments section so that we can add those questions to the FAQs.




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