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Fugu is a graphical frontend for the text-based Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client that ships with Mac OS X. SFTP is similar to FTP, but the entire session is encrypted, meaning nothing, including passwords, is sent in the clear. Fugu provides a friendly, intuitive interface for OpenSSH's SFTP client, featuring secure drag-and-drop file transfers, remote file editing and remote file preview. Fugu allows you to take advantage of SFTP's strong encryption without having to sacrifice ease of use. Additionally, Fugu can make secure file transfers using Secure Copy (SCP), and can create SSH tunnels to faciliate secure interaction between machines.

Step 1:

Download and install Fugu ( – Universal binary version must be used with OSX, not the one on sourceforge which gives a 'PowerPC apps not supported' error).

Step 2:

Start Fugu.  Select SSH > new SSH tunnel

  • Create tunnel to: prince (or dumbo)

  • Service or port: 22

  • Local port: 8026 (8025 to dumbo)

  • Tunnel host:

  • Username: <NetID>

  • Port:

Step 3:

In SFTP window

  • Connect to: localhost

  • Username: <NetID>

  • Port: 8026 (or 8025)

Step 4:

  • Click connect and enter <NetID> password.

  • Drag and drop files to copy/paste to and from cluster.

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