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You are encouraged to use HPC at NYU for your coursework.

If you have Teaching Assistants for your course we do prefer to have a meeting with them to prepare them to be the "first line of defense" for students questions and issues. 

We also offer several trainings and tutorials. It is also possible for us to give a tutorial during your class or specifically for your students. If you are interested in that option, please contact us.

Bulk Account Creation

It is possible to pre-approve a list of students for HPC accounts. To prepare bulk approval, click the "Bulk HPC Account Request" link on your dashboard (Tip: your dashboard is the screen you see after logging in to IIQ):

You will be taken to a screen like the image below. Enter yourself as the faculty sponsor, the NetIds of the students in your class in the second field (comma separated with no spaces), and the other fields as indicated.

At the following link you can find out more information on creating Bulk Account Request.
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