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Welcome to High Performance Computing (HPC) at New York University. 

NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) supports high performance computing and networking for researchers and scholars.  It is home to several high performance clusters and high-speed networks equipped with a wide variety of research software packages. NYU HPC, within ITS, operates and supports these resources and assists the research community in their use.

HPC resources are open to NYU faculty and staff, and faculty-sponsored students, and may be used for class instruction. ITS is also available to partner with faculty as they seek funding for research with substantial technology components. For more information on what we offer, please review the Services page within the About NYU HPC section of this wiki.

Simulations of viscoelastic fluid models, NYU Professor Michael Shelley (Mathematics & Neural Science, CIMS) and Professor Becca Thomases (Mathematics, U. California at Davis).

Across Disciplines, University Schools, and Geographic Boundaries

Paul Horn, NYU Senior Vice Provost for Research says,

"NYU is continually seeking to advance research. Our vision for the future is a globally integrated research university in which our faculty, researchers, and students are in collaboration with one another — across disciplines, University schools, and geographic boundaries.

To encourage this environment, we foster collaboration between the University's research enterprise and industry, and we promote an active entrepreneurial culture. NYU HPC offers the technology and support that facilitates this."

PBS Script Generator
An interactive tool that generates PBS script based on user's input. Check this page for more details.
Front-Line HPC Consulting
HPC consultations are available once a week, Monday 1-3 PM. Appointments are required. Please make an appointment at




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