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In almost all cases, do not specify a queue - the system will work out where to best place your job according to the resources requested

Queue nameJob limit per userResource limits per jobResource limit defaultsPurpose
route   Routing queue: jobs submitted without specifying a queue are processed here and routed to one of the other queues according to the resources requested.
s481000168 hrs walltime, 1 node1 hr walltime, 2GB memory, 1 core

Single-node jobs (serial or multithreaded).

If your job will take longer than 48 hours, we recommend using checkpointing to guard against job failure or a node problem partway through. Read this page or contact us.  

p12100168 hrs walltime, 2+ nodes1 hour walltime, 1 core per node

Multi-node jobs

This queue will not accept interactive jobs - you can use up to 2 nodes interactively for up to 4 hours via the interactive queue.

interactive24 hrs walltime, 2 full nodes1 hr walltime, 1 core, 2GB memory

High-priority interactive use, especially debugging. Interactive jobs go here by default.

Interactive jobs which do not meet the resource limits for this queue will go to the s48 queue, and consequently may take longer to start.

cgsb-s1000168 hours walltime, 48 GB memory, 12 cores on a single node12 hrs walltime, 1 core

Long-running CGSB jobs. (see HPC Stakeholders)

Jobs needing more than 96 hours and submitted by CGSB users will be routed to this queue and scheduled on the CGSB-owned nodes

sysadm0  Maintenance reservations by system administrators: normal users do not have access to this queue



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