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  • Renewing your HPC account with IIQ
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When you log in to IIQ (at , the end user's login page will be like the image below.

The page will show tile labeled “Request HPC Account” as well as recent or pending approvals or forms

When an approver/sponsor/faculty logs in, it will look like this:

The page will show both “Bulk HPC Account Request” and “Request HPC Account” tabs and will show any recent or pending approvals or forms.

After clicking on Request HPC Account, the following form appears

The user’s name will be prepopulated, and the forms required fields must be completed (sponsor, reason for request, consent to terms of use).  After clicking “Submit” the chosen sponsor will be notified of the request and provisioning will only occur after approval.

NOTE: If your HPC Account is due for renewal you will get an update on your dashboard which will suggest you to fill out a form given in the "Latest form" widget for renewing your account

If you are not a full-time NYU faculty member, you will need an NYU faculty member to sponsor your application. This is probably your thesis supervisor, or NYU collaborator.

Hit submit, and the request will go to your sponsor to approve (if applicable), and your account will be created, usually within a day of being approved.

You will be returned to the dashboard, and now you should see your request in the "Pending Approvals" tables.

If after a few days you still do not have an account, check with your sponsor - they may have missed a step in the approval process. If you are still stuck, contact us at for assistance.

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