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A valid NYU NetID is required prior to requesting or renewing an account. If you do not have one yet, your sponsors can start submitting your NetID request using this new secure onboarding form which is located at

For NYU Poly staff and students, both the HPC users and their HPC sponsors should have valid NYU Google account to receive emails. If your NYU Google account is not activated, please send an email to, we'll help to activate your Google account.

Requesting an Account

The NYU HPC clusters are under the provision of IDM. All NYU staff and students must have a faculty sponsor .

To request access to NYU HPC, please go to the NYU High Performance Computing (HPC) account management site,

Log in to the site and fill in all the required information including your faculty sponsor's NetID. An email will then be sent to your faculty to confirm his/her sponsorship and help you set up the accounts.

Please keep your NYU email address valid at all times you use the HPC clusters. If you have not activated your NYU email account, please log in to and set it up so you can receive notifications and important communications from NYU HPC. If you would like to read these emails from another account, you may have them forwarded.

Renewing an Account

All sponsored accounts will be created for a period of 12 months at which point a renewal process is required to continue to use the clusters. Account expiration notification emails will be sent 30 days prior to expiration with reminders at 14 days and 1 day before. You may use the NYU HPC account management site

to renew your account(s). You also need your faculty sponsor's approval of the renewal. If you have accounts on more than one cluster, the expiration dates will be synchronized and renewal will apply to all. 

Please be noted that once an account expires, all files associated with the account on /home and /archive will be removed after 90 days.


Note: Do not go through the procedures above to request or renew accounts if you need an account only on the bastion host, rather than on any of the clusters (USQ, Bowery or Cardiac). Please send an email to and your bastion host account will be created manually in this case.




PBS Script Generator
An interactive tool that generates PBS script based on user's input. Check this page for more details.
Front-Line HPC Consulting
HPC consultations are available once a week, Monday 1-3 PM. Appointments are required. Please make an appointment at




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