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  • Running jobs - setting priorities
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Jobs are submitted with the qsub command:

$ qsub options job-script

The options tell Torque information about the job, such as what resources will be needed. These can be specified in the job-script as PBS directives, or on the command line as options, or both (in which case the command line options take precedence should the two contradict each other). For each option there is a corresponding PBS directive with the syntax:

#PBS option

For example, you can specify that a job needs 2 nodes and 8 cores on each node by adding to the script the directive:

or as a command-line option to qsub when you submit the job: 

$ qsub -l nodes=2:ppn=8 my_script.q

If you have several jobs in the queue, and would like certain of them to be prioritized over others, you can set the relative priority of a job by submitting it with:

$ qsub -p priority job-script


  • priority is a number between -1024 and +1023. A higher number means higher priority. The default priority is 0. 

    This only affects the priority of a job relative to other jobs owned by you - it does not affect the priority of your job compared to any job belonging to a different user.

  • job-script is the name of your job script

You can also pass -p as a PBS directive within your job script:

#PBS -p priority



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