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  • Sharing Files using Globus
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Step 1: Login to Globus


Step 2: Navigate to the Start Transfer Page.


Step 3: Once you login you will be able to see the endpoints. If you want to share a directory on prince the endpoint is nyu#prince


Here you need to authenticate yourself in order to gain access to your files on the cluster.

After I authenticated myself I can see the files in my home folder as shown in the image below.



Step 4: Now to share a file you select the the directory and choose share. Note: A single file cannot be shared. Only directories can be shared.

Here I select the directory i.e. temp_dir and click on share from the menu in the top right of the image.


Step 5: You can see the following window where you enter the description as needed. And then you select create.


Step 6: Once you create you can see the path to your endpoint. Here you can add a person with his email address to gain access to your shared folder. You can edit permissions as well i.e only read or read and write. The person can be notified via email about the folder you shared with them.



Step 7: The person who receives an email gets a link to access the directory via Globus.


Step 8: Once the user logs in via Globus he will have access to the shared folder.


Happy sharing!


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