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A1: If you are using a Mac:

OSX roams "aggressively", which means that if it can see multiple access points it will abandon a working connection to pursue another one which might be better. The Bobst library supports a lot of wireless users and thus has many wireless access points, and Mac laptops behave like an undisciplined child in a candy store, authenticating to one point only to then disconnect and try another. Some actions which might help:

  • Under Network preferences->WiFi->Advanced, remove all NYU networks except "nyu" from the "preferred networks" list, and move "nyu" to the top of the list
  • If that fails, you can disable the aggressive roaming from the terminal, with the command:

    sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ disabled -bool true


A2: If you are using Windows:

  • If you are running the PeerGuardian personal firewall software, switch it off (it disables DHCP). Otherwise:

Recent versions of Windows take a supposedly-more-secure but also less reliable approach to authenticating to a wireless network, which causes network connections to be dropped unnecessarily. A pop-up bubble in the bottom corner of the screen which says "please re-enter your password" is an indication that this is happening.

  • Instead of using the Windows-supplied wifi drivers, download and install the most recent driver from the manufacturer of your wireless-network-interface card

A3: if all this fails:

Come see the DS helpers - they may have another trick or two up their sleeve


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