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This is the home of the Conservation Technology and Structure space.

Workshop Objectives
Conservation Students can use art historical research in conjunction with a basic understanding of the way artist shape materials to successfully develop treatment strategies. Presented in a series of 2-hour workshops, this series of lectures and assignments provides students with practical hands-on techniques and to develop confidence to begin formulating ideas for problem solving during treatment. The aim is not to suggest the student will become adept at the techniques in the lectures. Rather, by knowing how things were made and with what process, the students can best evaluate the condition, correctly interpret analytic data, and evaluate date and provenance. These topics will be offered as standalone lectures or will be offered to coincide and augment relevant art historic topics.


  • Each week a mock-up will be provided for the students to complete
  • A set of instructions and materials will be left in the lab. Most of the time you can complete the project on your own. There will be specific instances when we will perform these as a group
  • These will be exercises to practice skills you already have along with an opportunity to learn new techniques
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