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Welcome to your NYU Wikis Space!

A Note about the Recent Wiki Upgrades: 
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The NYU Wikis Service Team is extremely excited about the recent upgrades to NYU Wikis. NYU Wikis is now powered by Atlassian's Confluence 4.2.4, the enterprise wiki.

New features include the following:

The upgrade also ditched wiki markup completely and unified the Rich Text Editor and Wiki Markup Editors. For users who still love wiki markup, we have the following guides to help you transition to the new editor: 

As always we value your feedback and welcome comments, questions or concerns by calling the IT Service Desk at 212-998-3333 or by sending an email to Furthermore, documentation can be found in the Wikis Help Guide.

---NYU Wikis Service Team



Welcome to the wiki for the 2015 Gallatin Faculty Symposium, The Material Archive, held at Villa La Pietra, NYU Florence!

The readings that will serve as the foundation for our discussion sessions are now uploaded under the Documents link below. Each reading is labelled "collect," "archive," or "display," indicating to which discussion session it will belong. A master list of the articles divided according to discussion session can be found under the Reading Packet Contents link, also below. As we near the symposium, we will also post further information about Florence and the symposium schedule. 

Watch Louise Harpman's Peel, Pucker, Pinch, or Puncture? Coffee Lids, Explored about her coffee lid collection!

Please feel free to contact Hallie Franks (, Patrick McCreery (, and Allison Jungkurth ( with any questions!


Luisa (Cocó) Alcalá (Madrid)

Francesca Baldry (Florence)

Michael Dinwiddie (Gallatin)

Danielle Domsky (Gallatin undergraduate)

Bruce Edelstein (Florence)

Hallie Franks (Gallatin)

Emily Gee (London)

Nicole Griggs (Paris)

Louise Harpman (Gallatin)

AB Huber (Gallatin)

Nina Katchedorian (Gallatin)

Fiona Kidd (Abu Dhabi)

Patricia Lennox (Florence)

Annette Loeseke (Berlin)

Rob Lubar (Madrid)

Zdenek Lukes (Prague)

Patrick McCreery (Gallatin)

Keith Miller (Gallatin)

Meleko Mokgosi (Gallatin)

Stephanie Pearson (Berlin)

Eli Ribak (London)

Andy Romig (Gallatin)

Laura Slatkin (Gallatin)

Ellyn Toscano (Florence)

Susanne Wofford (Gallatin)




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