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Syto RNASelect Green Fluorescent Cell Stain in Yeast — Optimized for quiescent cells after starvation on Day9

  1. Making working solution

  1. Bring 5mM stock solution to room temperature
  2. Quick spin to deposit DMSO solution to bottom of vial
  3. Make 1mL of 5uM working solution by adding 1uL of stock to 1mL of 1XPBS
  4. Warm working solution to 37℃ and use immediately (may precipitate if not used).

B. Staining cells

  1. to a 250uL sample of 5X106 cells add 250uL of stock working solution (final conc. 2.5uM)
  2. Incubate for 30 minutes at 37℃.
  3. Quick spin
  4. Resuspend in 500uL of PBS
  5. Repeat
  6. Analyze

C. Fixing (optional)

  1. Fix in pre-chilled methanol for ten minutes at -20℃.
  2. Wash 2x in PBS

D. Negative control (optional)
Treat one sample with RnaseA for 1h @ 50℃. Stain samples according to step B.

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