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No meeting is to exceed 1 hour except the weekly lab meeting.

Lab Meetings

A regular lab meeting is held each week. All lab members are expected to attend and participate in each lab meeting.

In addition, the Gresham lab participates in a journal club that all members are encouraged to attend and contribute to.

In addition, the Gresham lab occasionally runs Science Fridays that are aimed at expanding our world.

One on one meetings

Typically, a one on one meeting will be scheduled with David each week. The goal of this meeting is to discuss results and progress.

You should come to each meeting with:

  • a clear agenda of what you want to discuss including
    • results
    • troubleshooting
    • experimental plans
    • paper writing progress
    • career/training plans
  • any plots or files already open on your computer (generated using rmarkdown or jupyter notebook)
  • lab notebook

The use of a googledoc (in the Gresham Lab_<Name> shared google drive folder) to maintain a record of one on one meetings is encouraged

Project meetings

Occasional meetings will be held to discuss projects that are collaborations between lab members or with external collaborators.

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