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Ebbets Field Then and Now
By Morgan Dlugash

     Charlie Ebbets¿ had a dream that he wanted to build a baseball field for the Brooklyn Dogers. !Ebbets_Field_aerial.JPG|align=left!In the early 1900¿s, Mr. Ebbets¿ set out to find the perfect place to build the field. The piece of land he bought was referred to as ¿pigtown¿, for it was a garbage dump conveniently located near transportation. On April 13, 1913 the Brooklyn Dogers beat the New York Yankees in the last inning of the field¿s opening game. Ebbets Field as it was named, hosted many World Series and broke the ¿color hurdle¿ for Jackie Robinson on April 15, 1947. Ebbets Field is also where Robinson played his first and last baseball games. After many successful games and several renovations, the last game was played at the stadium in 1957, prior to the Dogers relocating to Californi
     Today, Ebbets Field is no longer a baseball field. The field is now the Ebbets Field Apartment complex comprised of 1300 units. According to the New York Times article, ¿Where Once Brooklyn Triumphed, a Tragic Scene¿, the apartment complex is more about the present than the past. Residents go about their daily business of ¿pushing their grocery¿s and complaining about the high cost of putting in new windows instead of people spending time in the courtyard of the building talking about the baseball field.¿ As one young man said he only knew that it was baseball field because he read about it in a book. The one time baseball field today is a ¿hardscrabble neighborhood of auto shops and fast food, and near Medgar Evers College, it is home to retired electricians, Vietnam veterans, black families from the South, recent African immigrants and the formerly homeless¿(New York Times 1).
     Ebbets field was once an epicenter for the media. It opened the doors of baseball to the ¿colored¿ players and it has hosted seven World Series. Ebbets Field has since been noted in books, songs and movies. Unfortunately the once vibrant ballpark has taken a dramatic downfall from 1913 to the present. It is disheartening to hear that what was once a gathering place for sports fans, has been denigrated into a housing development for the poor, where people do not talk about the former field and the ones that do learned about the field through reading. It is unfortunate that this once historic landmark has been largely forgotten. It shows how people are losing connection with the past and just worry about the present and making ends meet. The lack of interest in the history is indicative of how times have changed, people focusing on their own well being in the present, rather than understanding a mediated history.

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