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"Cities happen to be problems in organized complexity, like the life sciences.  They present 'situations in which a half-dozen or even several dozen quantities are all varying simultaneously and even in subtly interconnected ways.'...The variables are many, but they are not helter-skelter; they are 'interrelated into an organic whole.'" Jane Jacobs, "The Kind of Problem a City Is"

Media History of New York
Fall 2010
Lisa Gitelman

A Few Notes on About the Map

*Not all of the content is localized to a specific location, so please look at the content for the full list of essays.
*Zoom out to move around NYC, but this clutters the map. Zoom in to "zero-in" on your desired area.
*Clicking the small icon picture will open a a bubble. Clicking the picture in the bubble will take you to the essay.

The Media History of New York represents the work of an undergraduate class. The course was designed around the discussion of readings in common and the production of an online guidebook to the media history of New York. The format of entries was prescribed, but topics were not, and the class designed its own editorial processes and publication, electing this Wiki to contain samples of the work produced. The primary goal of the entire endeavor was a critical, capacious view of media history, a view that addressed yet exceeded questions of representation (how has NYC been represented by different and differently mediated texts?) to enrich our understanding of media and of history. Course Syllabus




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