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NYU/ITS offers a range of identity services in order to enable and manage access to online services at NYU.

These capabilities are called identity services because they rely on basic data records for all members of the community and on unique identifiers (such as the NYU NetID) assigned to each person.

Some identity services -- such as the Identity Data Services provided by the ITS Registry database system -- operate "behind the scenes" and provide infrastructure support capabilities for other, more visible applications such as NYUHome, the Start Page or the NYU Public Directory. To learn more, select any of the items to the right.

Here is the most recent roadmap for the evolution of these services: Identity Services Roadmap

The Identity and Database Services group within ITS .edu Services manages these services.

Welcome to an overview of Identity Services managed by Information Technology Services at New York University.

About Identity Services at NYU

For the NYU Community -

    * NetIDs and University IDs
    * NYU Start Page
    * NYU Public Directory

For Application Use -

    * NYU Login Service
    * Directory Services
    * Groups Management

Infrastructure Services -

    * Account Management
    * Identity Data Services

      For additional information, send e-mail to