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About Identity and Access Management Services (IAM)

IAM, the Identity and Access Management Services group within NYU IT Enterprise Data Management, offers a wide range of services to the NYU community. Identity Management services enable secure, role-based access to NYU applications, while database services provide a data foundation for both these identity services and a variety of broadly-used applications, such as NYUHome, the Start Page and the NYU Directory.


NYU NetID Services

The NYU NetID Service provides the NYU community with NetIDs and access to authorized NYU online services and applications. [...Read More]

NYU Affiliate Management Services

The NYU Affiliate Management Service provides authorized sponsors the ability to onboard new community members via the NetID Request Form. [...Read More]

NYU Identity Data Services

The NYU Identity Data Service provides Single Sign-On (SSO) and LDAP authentication capabilities for logging in to many of NYU's systems and services. [...Read More]

NYU Directory Services

The NYU Directory Service provides online look-up capability for faculty, staff, and administrators as well as for students who have opted into the Directory. [...Read More]

Database Services

The Database Service offers Oracle and MySQL database creation and management services for various NYU IT .edu systems and applications. [...Read More]

Registry Data Services

The Registry Data Service manages and provides access to central identity records for members of the NYU community for a variety of purposes. [...Read More]


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