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NYU Multi-Factor Authentication (NYU Duo)

Beginning in the summer of 2015, NYU IT introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for use at NYU.

Duo ( is the vendor selected to enable our services to use MFA.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

The goal of multi-factor authentication is to improve security by ensuring that only you can access your account when logging in to an online service.

    • To confirm your identity when you log in with your NetID/Password, MFA adds a step involving use of a pre-registered
      device in your possession.

    • The device that is most convenient for this purpose is a mobile phone with an MFA app installed on it. With this approach
      you acknowledge a message sent to your phone (by tapping its screen).

    • Alternatively, an SMS text message can be sent with a one-time passcode for you to type in. Or you can receive a phone

Check out for a bit more background.

Initial Rollout

We began a gradual rollout of this technology with the NYU Registry web interface. Initially, only Registry users who had been enrolled with Duo were affected.

Once enrolled, users were prompted to use Duo at login time to

Beginning October 2, 2015 use of MFA for access to Registry was required. On March 7, 2016 a gradual rollout of MFA for access to NYU's HR system Peoplesync (for employee management of payroll and W-2 documents) began.

Going Forward

Multi-Factor Authentication will be used in future by a number of NYU applications, or by designated users of a given application.

    • Extensive use of MFA is projected for higher-security situations, e.g. for employee access to restricted data or for
      system administration purposes.

    • To enable use of MFA with a given application, integration work is required. So new uses of MFA will come on line

Please complete the MFA Integration Planning Questionnaire and send to to begin the process and review the Integration Guide below as it should help to answer questions about the MFA integration process


If you have received an invitation to enroll with NYU Duo, please

    • log in to the NYU Start Page and

    • register your phone using the NYU Multi-Factor Authentication Registration & Update option in the menu

You will receive additional instructions via email and SMS text messages to

    • (step 1) download the Duo Mobile app from your app store and

    • (step 2) activate the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone


For more information...

Please send e-mail to if you have questions or difficulties.

For information about other IDS Services: NYU ITS Identity and Database Services

  For all other inquiries, send e-mail to:

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