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College Student Insurance: What it is, and how to purchase it. 

CSI Insurance

Q: What is College Student Insurance? 

CSI is a personal property insurance program that supplements the University Production Insurance Plan. It includes basic coverage for personal items (computers, electronics, cell phones, personal camera equipment) as well as additional coverage for third party camera equipment that you borrow or rent. 

Q:  The bursar office billed me for insurance as part of my tuition, and I already paid this fee. Why do I have to purchase additional insurance? 

On the bursar bill, you will notice that NYU charges an insurance fee.  This covers large liability and equipment claims, but there is a deductible of $5000.  This is where CSI comes in.  CSI is a gap policy issued by a 3rd party insurance provider which will cover the cost of the deductible for any equipment that is lost or damaged, leaving the student with the much reduced financial burden.  With a CSI policy, the deductible goes from $5000 to $500.  The policy covers not only your personal equipment, but also NYU's equipment when in your care, and any other equipment that you borrow or rent.  As an added benefit, the CSI policy also covers all your own personal property in your apartment or dorm room including phones, laptops, bicycles, etc.  

Q: My personal property is covered under my family's homeowner insurance policy. Do I still have to purchase CSI?

Yes. A homeowner's insurance policy will not cover rented and borrowed film equipment. CSI insurance may not be substituted with any other policies because CSI's terms have been carefully negotiated by NYU's department of Risk Management to protect both you, the school, and any 3rd parties from whom you borrow or rent equipment. 

Q: How do I purchase CSI?

Go to Click Order Policy.

Step 1.  From the pull­down menu, select New York State and New York University (Film/Photo/Journalism Major). Even if Film is not your major, you still need to select "Film/Photo/Journalism Major" so that the Equipment Endorsement is offered in the plan.

Step 2.  Selecting coverage:

      • Equipment Endorsement: select Yes for the $60 Equipment Endorsement. This covers rented and borrowed film equipment.

      • Personal Property: From the pull down menu, select the amount of coverage appropriate to the replacement value of your personal belongings, that you would like covered. Most students select the minimum.

      • Liability Insurance / Select No when prompted about Liability Insurance. The University Production Insurance plan covers liability, so this is unnecessary.

  There is a $5 processing fee. If you have selected the Equipment Endorsement ($60), the minimum Personal Property, and no Liability, then your total will be $155, with a $500 deductible.

Step 3.  Fill in your personal information and purchase the policy. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation Email that includes a copy of the policy.

Q: How long does the coverage last?

CSI policies last for 1 year.

Q: If I graduate during my policy period, will my insurance still be valid until the expiration date?

Yes. The policy is good for one full year from date of purchase, regardless of your NYU status.  

Q: What is the procedure for filing an insurance claim for missing, stolen, damaged equipment?

Follow the procedures outlined under Losses, Accidents, and Claims:

Next, contact CSI's Customer Service line 1-888-411-4911. CSI will walk you through the steps of filing your insurance claim. 

Q: What are the policy limits and exclusions?

It is important to note that CSI does not cover damage due to wear and tear, latent defect, dampness, freezing, insects, and more. Please download and review the following document carefully for more information: CSI Policy Exclusions

Q: What should I do if I'm not able to purchase the policy at this time?

If you are having any issues purchasing CSI, please visit the Production Office for help. 

Q: Does CSI cover equipment rentals for independent projects?

Yes, you may use CSI insurance for non-curricular projects. CSI will cover up to $25,000 in replacement costs for equipment rentals. To request a Certificate of Insurance, email and CC Risk Management: In the email, attach the rental quote, state that your project is non-curricular and be sure to include your production dates with a brief description of the shoot. Allow 3 business days for processing.

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