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Standard Equipment Package (per crew)

For a full list of equipment, please see the equipment list.  For equipment manuals please visit the equipment manual page. 

Standard Supply Package (per students) 

  • 64gb SD Card 95 mb/s
  • Lens Cleaning Paper
  • Lens Cleaning Fluid
  • Lens Blower

Standard Post Production Equipment

  • Access to Intel iMac Computer lab (1161) with Premiere Pro software

Premiere Pro Guide

  • For assistance with downloading and backing up your footage, importing your footage into Premiere Pro, performing basic edits, transitions, titles, effects and audio mixing, and exporting your project for play back in the classroom and over the web, click: Premiere Pro Guide.


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CSI (College Student Insurance)
All students are required to purchase student personal property insurance through CSI. This is in addition to the insurance provided through New York University listed on the tuition bill. The CSI supplemental insurance will cover students for one calendar year. The same CSI policy can be used for all production classes during the year of coverage. No equipment will be issued until the CSI insurance certificate is presented to instructor. These are instructions on how to purchase CSI.



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