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Download data from Tesla

Once the job is complete, mount Tesla to copy data to lab server. More detailed instructions for off-campus (including laptop) access and other operating systems can be found here.

  • Finder --> cmd+k
  • Server address: afp://
  • Select Volume 'CBIUserData' and Login with CBI credentials.
  • Scroll to Winawerlab directory and transfer desired files (everything) to lab server (

The functional data should be placed in a session directory for a project. For example, raw data for a retinotopy experiment should be stored in /Volumes/server/Projects/Retinotopy/wl_subjXXX/Raw. If the subject has an anatomy directory with one or more T1 MPRAGEs, make a soft link to that directory. Open a terminal window: 

IMPORTANT: make sure the reconstruction is actually complete before transferring data! Check the file size before moving anything.


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