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  • Learning to play to learn - lessons in educational game design
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lessons in educational game design

  • Quiz based games are not great for learning
  • Many times we've seen educators entering into game development that are content to transfer the style of games onto educational tasks without understanding the substance of what makes a game work
  • making games is really hard
  • advise - Keep it simple 
  • skeptical of claims that given access to the latest game engines, educators will e able to create top-notch educational games and succeed where everyone else has failed
  • tool limit as much as they liberate
  • every game intrinsically involves collaboration
  • embrace the gameness of games
  • make the educational games - games
  • Math blaster is the poster child of bad educational games because it is basically drill and practice
  • Play is activity 
  • content of a game should be expressed in that activity
  • Process not data
  • non educational games teach valuable skills
  • keep expectations in check
  • context should never be taken for granite 
  • game developers tend to create games that are fun for them to play
  • you children have very different kinds of play skills and experience
  • Profession educators often have naive ideas about game design and development
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