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  • The Game, the Player, the World
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The Game, The Player, The World - Jasper Juul

  • Computer games are in the broader range of games and in some cases evolved past the classic game model
  • The best way to test a  game definition is to test it for either being to broad or to narrow
  • Three basic aspects of games
  1. rules govern the game
  2. the game is outside ordinary life 
  3. the game has an object to be obtained (or goals)
  • Goals are the relationship between player and game
  • Goals can be separated into 3  possible distinct components
  1. Valorization of possible outcomes - some outcomes are positive others negative
  2. Player effort - A player has to do something to achieve goals 
  3. Attachment of the player to an aspect of outcome - as player you agree to be happy if you win a game and unhappy if you loose
  • Games are both separate and unproductive

New definition of Rules

  1. Rules: Games are rule based
  2. Variable, quantifiable outcome - games have different discernable outcomes
  3. Value assigned to possible outcomes - some outcomes are positive some are negative
  4. Player effort - Players have to invest effort to influence the outcome
  5. Player attached to outcome - players will be happy if they win and unhappy if they loose
  6. Negotiable consequences - the same game can be played without real life consequences
  • Games move between media (transmedial gaming)
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