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What is design knowledge and how do we teach it? Hoadley and Cox 2009

"design is an important class of human activity because it links theory and practice" I think this quote shows the many theme of tis article. It focuses on what design is, why we do it, and how we teach it. Which is actually a tricky problem. Good designer clearly know that good design is iterative and that iterations are only helpful after feedback. The article proposes that different designers have different knowledges but it can be categorized into different categories : stages (ways to structure in time how design progresses through successive iteration and comprehensiveness of detail), values (personal values like social goals or simplicity), roles (who rather than the how, like personas), principles (ways to solve particular design problems), patterns (templates to solve common problems), techniques (tips and tricks), and design psychology (cognitive tricks and traps of which designers should be aware). Teaching design should involve authentic experiences. Overall this chapter does a good job of telling us what we are about to experience in this course. 

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