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Historic Documents


Number of Sites:

1.     random finds

Acheulean and Mousterian surface finds reported by G. de Mortillet

2.     Le Guern

some worked silex recovered by Reverdit (not enough to indicate habitation); 2 caves facing château de Sauveboeuf; no traces of silex found; lower cave found traces of pottery, possibly Gallo-Roman; piece of iron pick recovered by Reverdit (lost, not described)

isolated silex finds

3.     Le Sablou

silex found just above this place; section of rock shelters and caves with traces of silex but no excavations done

isolated silex find

4.     La Garenne

includes Les Places and Combalbert; between villages of Combalbert and La Garenne, in the chestnut woods and moors, is a lot of silex that either indicates an open air site, a passage of people, or a tool fabrication site; includes Acheulean hand-axes, alnces, blades, scrapers, nuclei

isolated silex finds

5.     l’Arzème

above the slope some rare lithic tools were found

6.     Rochemaillère

on the road that leads to Bousquet off the road to Sarlat there is a small valley with shelters and caves; at a height of 4-5 meters above the shelter closest to the valley is a regular opening shaped by man that probably gives access to a cave; immediately under the caves were found a number of silex

isolated silex finds

toponym suggests megalith

--Bitard BSHAP 1998

Roche-Molière (same?);  7-8 bronze moneys (1 of Nimes, 1 of August, 1 Claude II, 1, anoninien de Gallien)

--Gaillard Dordogne

troglodytic habitat;  X=510,48; Y=3308,00; Z=140

--Spéléo 1999 (4)

map provided;  cluzeau at maisons de Rochemalière;  Coniacien supérieur C.7b or C.4b Coniacien moyen et supérieur;  exploited in the past for quarrying;  trou de guetteur;  upper terrace accessed by artifical stairs

--Spéléo 1999 (1)

trou de guetteur accessible without stairs;  can see le château du Planchat

--Spéléo 85 (4)


7.     Sauveboeuf plain

isolated silex finds

isolated silex finds (possible partially ground ax head)

8.     Aubas plain

isolated silex finds

isolated silex finds (possible partially ground ax head)

9.  Sarcophages d’église

multiple instances of isolated sarcophagi finds near church; some old tombs found over the old cemetery which today is occupied by parts of the city; these tombs were found as a result of the wear of the road that was paved above them; reported by M. Charles Durand, and M. Coly (teacher)

found near church up to the departmental road number 45;  cad. parcels 406, 405 section C;  probably come from medieval cemetery of 12th/13th century;  rework an older archaeological soil;  gallo-roman remains found in sarcophagi trenches;  M. le Professeur Coupry and M. Lantonnat identified them;  written up by M. Sarradet

tegulae, terracotta, ceramic from 1-2nd c.

--Gaillard Dordogne

1956 report of 2 sarcophagi with pottery and bones recovered as well as a lamp

--James BAR 1977

10.  house cellar

fragment of Gallo-Roman remains found 2 meters below soil; two pieces from a veneered frieze; one piece in white marble; possibly Middle Age fireplace?; tomb with human bone fragments also found; M. le cure d’Aubas offered them to the museum (Perigueux?)

11.  Château de Sauveboeuf

overlooks river (could see tolls that existed in Middle Ages);  from Sauve (Saguvestous—solitary) and –boeuf (beus, bos, boscins, bois);  possessed by Ferrières family in the 15th c.;  old buildings gone, only foundations used for 17th century construction (around 1610?)

destroyed under Richelieu in 1633; information found in document for taxes on the villages and town of Archignac; only a few years after only the foundations of the château were left; Louis XIII ordered its reconstruction

reconstructed in first half of 17th c;  original demolition ordered by Louis XII;  1804 converted to college;  1891 general restoration


12.  Port d’Aubas

 Roman road crosses here

no archaeological evidence for Roman road from Périgueux-Brive passes to the north

        --Gaillard Dordogne

13.  Église de Saint-Cyr-et-Sainte-Juliette

some Romanesque remains

known only as Saint Cyrice in 1749; Jacques Mayaudon became cure October 20, 1749

Section C, n405


14.  maison de M. Lagressasse

during foundation work several gallo-roman artifacts found including a frise sculpted out of rock; cad. parcel 393

15.  ruins de Peuch 1

old road and house improvements now covered by woods

16.  ruins de Peuch 2

Vallon de Peuch; on edge of prairie and wood line to the right

17.  cluzeau de Peuch

Vallon de Peuch; house, base of wall is a monolithe; chimney built into rock; remnants of a wall and door

18.  l’abri de Peuch

Vallon de Peuch;  Lambert III Zone Sud x=509,440 y=3308,090 z=140m;  in a valley between the route to Peuche-La Garenne and les Places;  coniacien moyen et supérieur;  existence first signaled March 1st 1986 by Th. Félix;  may have found Magdalenian silex there;  March 8 1998 research, localization, and descriptive relief of shelter;  about 30 menters long, overhangs 2-3 m high;  small banquette at the base;  no evidence of human modification;  only found a small piece of medieval pottery, and old iron burin;  coniacien moyen et supérieur C.4b

19.  Gabillou

1936 Trassagnac found Roman artifacts over 2 ha;  wall, tegulae, hypocauste, pieces of black pottery;  to the north of few hundred meters found source surrounded by basin;  possible villa?

--Gaillard Dordogne

Caves and Rockshelters

1.  cluzeau de Peuch

2.  l’abri de Peuch

3.  Rochemaillère

4.  Abri de La Garenne

X=509.6; Y=308.6

Spéléo 1959 (3)

5.  source de Peuch

Vallon de Peuch near troglodytic structure

6.  la Grotte du port d’Aubas

7.  la Grotte de la Garenne

X=509,85; Y=308,70; Z=180;  location map;  topographic map

Spéléo 57 (4)

X=509,86; Y=3308,83; Z-190;  Santonien inférieur C.5a;  initially discovered by B. Pierret (1949) and mapped by Guichard and Bouquin in 1975

Spéléo 1994

8.  Trou de la route de l’Escaleyrou


9.  grotte de la route de l’Escaleyrou


10.  Trou du Pont d’Aubas

diverse excavations;  explored by B. Pierret

Spéléo 92 (3)

11.  Gouffre d’Aubas

mentioned in inventory Spéléo 48-49

12.  Abri de la Garenne

mentioned in Spéléo 48-49

13.  Trou de bout du monde

mentioned in Spéléo 48-49

2 small cavitied 50 and 200 m from parking

Spéléo 1997 (3)

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