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  • Cultural geographies of the contact zone
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Morrissey, J. 2005.  Cultural geographies of the contact zone: Gaels, Galls and overlapping territories in late medieval Ireland. Social and Cultural Geography 6(4): 551-566.

concept of the contact zone serves to destabilizes colonial objectives by emphasizing interconnections and conflicts

the contact zone "aims to enable situated and differentiated interrogations of intersecting cultural worlds that continually encounter and negotiate difference (Willis and Yeoh 2002)" 2


"O'Keeffe (2003) supports Duffy's contention by making the timely argument that we privilege history and the written word more than the archaeology of material evidence on the ground, which can reveal so much more than the dominant voices in the surviving documentary record." 4


the dichotomies created by the definition of ethnic groups is perhaps better understood as the definition of points between which the entire population oscillated


"...defence was not the only reason for castle construction, arguing that status and symbolism were also key social concerns of the elite (O'Keefe 2001, 2003)" 10 important to keep in mind when examining château building


" Envisioning the remoter past via a frontier lens forces notions of geographical boundedness and typically posits opposing and self-enclosed ethnicities.  This serves not only to exaggerate the notion of conflict but also to dissuade a reading of the diverse interconnections of cultural contact." 14 traditional studies of the medieval period have focused on the growth of power through the definition of political boundaries and the conflicts over them.  However it may be more fruitful to look at seemingly arbitrary landscapes or regions in order to understand the relation of these boundaries and to escape the conflicting dichotomy inherent in their discourse

bounded spaces can also be fluid and interconnected


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