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  • De Peyragude en Peyrevive
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Bitard, J.-P. 1998. De Peyragude en Peyrevive: microtoponymes périgourdins évoquant des mégalithes. Bulletin de la Société Historique et Archéologique du Périgord, CXXV, 25–44; 239–258.

Article that provides a list of toponyms in the Dordogne department which evoke or refer to megalithic monuments.  Known megaliths have been published in other articles, but this article focuses on toponyms that may refer to existing or potential megaliths.  Provides an overview of the various toponym sources, an overview of the toponyms focused on, as well as an overview of research already done.  The list includes 315 new names and includes information on the location/orientation, the type of monument and its dimensions, a review of any excavations and folklore associated with the site, and a bibliography. 


mentions La Plantade, a high location, and notes that megaliths were often located at higher elevations.


mentions à Malpeyre

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