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Cubelier de Beynac, J. 1979. Enérgie et Industrie dans la vallée de Manaurie. Bulletin de La Société Historique et Archéologique Du Périgord, CVI, 221–234.

This article provides an overview of the industrial zone centered on the Manaurie river and several of its tributaries during the 16th-18th centuries.  The area was on of the most active industrial zones in the Perigord during the 16th century and a number of forges and mills were scattered along the waterways.  In addition to providing an overview of the industry in the region, there is also an inventory of the mills that includes their parish location, altitude, river, function, and brief description of their history and appearance in historical records, as well as their state in the present.


mentions Forge de Lortal located on the Manaurie river and was out of commission by the 18th century, moulin de Savignac which no longer exists but was on the Belleyme map as well as a late 19th century record, and Souffron.

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