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Brown, C.  2000.  In the Middle.  Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies. 30(3): 547-574.

"The Middle Ages were invented to be a foreign country.  The indigenous peoples are dead, and they didn't even know they were medieval–they thought they were living in modern times." 547

"The question isn't whether medieval people did things differently than we do now; the question is what we as putative nonmedievals are going to do with the difference.  What stories do we tell ourselves about it? What do they do to and for us?" 548

Said's "Orient" could be replaced with "Middle Ages"

while there might have been a distant connection with Paleo people as the origins of humanity that united it to the present and encouraged interest there was a historically defined and reinforced BREAK with the Medieval Period that relegated it to the past and to historical note for it's import on the present was as an historical other not as a connected piece of the modern


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