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Laroche, P. 1884. Le Château de Losse. - Ses Inscriptions. Bulletin de la Société Historique et Archéologique du Périgord, XI, 127–156.

 Provides history of the seigneurs of Losse and their actions from the establishment of the château de Losse in the 12th century through the 16th century.  The château was constructed in the 12th century and the first mention of the Losse family in the region comes from a document dating to 1191.  Several descendants played important roles in andwere at key battles during the 100 Years War including Poitiers, Crécy, and Azincourt.  Also played a role in the wars of religion.  The last owner of the château was M. Gouyon who undertook the task of restoring the château. 

Mentions that the house of the governor of la Guienne was built on a terrace overlooking the Vézère.  This habitation was composed of two building sections, one which headed towards the village of les Bories in Valojoulx.

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