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  • Seance du jeudi 2 decembre 1909
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Villepelet, F. 1905. Séance du jeudi 2 décembre 1909. Bulletin de la Société Historique et Archéologique du Périgord, XXXII, 33–41.


Brief note from the mayor of Journiac that M. Lasserre, during the construction of a barn, found a sarcophagus with human remains approximately 100 meters outside the village.  M. de Fayolle believes it dates from the 12th century.


Reproduction of an article by M. Capitan concerning discoveries made in the Dordogne during the vacation period.  For Savignac-de-Miremont,  sumsmarizes the excavations of M. Peyrony undertaken for several years.  The cave yielded 5 layers including Acheulean, Mousterain, and Aurignacian.  On the 17th of September, a human tibia and femur were discovered.  Additional excavation uncovered a skeleton with Lower Mousterian type artifacts.

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