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  • Stations et Traces des Temps Prehistoriques dans le Canton de Montignac-sur-Vezere
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Reverdit. 1878. Stations et Traces des Temps Préhistoriques dans le Canton de Montignac-sur-Vézère (Dordogne). Bulletin de la Société Historique et Archéologique du Périgord, V, 384–419.

Provides information on the Prehistoric sties explored by Reverdit between Condat-sur-Vézère and Le Moustier since his arrival in Montignac in 1872. 


Sites mentioned in Aubas include Le Guern (worked silex and gallo-roman pottery), Le Sablou  (worked silex), Colbalbert, Les Places, La Garenne (many pieces of worked silex), and Rochemaillere (silex and evidence of falaise modifications.  Also mentions finding some silex on the plains of Sauveboeuf and Aubas.  Notes that none of these pieces were interesting, excepting a ax head partially polished (mayb have been found on plain of Condat).

La Chapelle-Aubareil

Sites briefly mentioned in La Chapelle-Aubareil include the plateaus of La Chapelle, Mollières, les Beunes, and la Boissière.  In the lower Beune, a worked stone ax was found.  Also notes that several points were found in the forest of La Chapelle, and at Chez-le-Pou, a large Acheulean hand-ax was found.

In addition, provides a longer description of the finds in the valley of Paouzadou.  In the valley, there are several rock shelters where fragments of silex can be seen on their surface and there may be possible habitation floors intact.  Moving towards Valojoulx, additional silex finds were made.  Near the village of la Teillette, there is a circle of stones isolated in the middle of the valley floor.  This formation is known as roc de Laborie, and worked silex can be found in the fields surrounding it.


Sites mentioned in Valojoulx includes the plain of Les Bories, les Fraysses, le Caillout, du côté du Masnègre, and au Monteil.  At la plaine des Bories Reverdit found silex as well as Gallo-Roman material, composed primarily of brick debris, while at au Monteil he found an Acheulean hand-axe.


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