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The design of the page is intended to be simple and intuitive, providing the Department Administrator with a basic set of parameters to view Proposals information. The table below details the options by which a user can search:





The PI/CoPI prompt allows the user to search by the Principal Investigator (PI), identified as the Lead PI in Cayuse, and a Co-PI as identified in the Cayuse Investigators/Research Team tab.


Users can also search by the Sponsor, the organization providing the funds directly to NYU to perform the project.

Award Number

This is a unique identifier (numeric or alpha-numeric) assigned by the sponsoring agency to the Proposal.


This is a required filter and indicates the NYU Department of the PI/CoPI.

Proposal Number

This is a number generated within Cayuse and assigned to track the proposal.

Proposal Start Fiscal Year

This is the start date of the proposal.

Proposal Type

This identifies whether the proposal or award is new, a continuation, modification, supplement, etc (NOTE: Refer to the "Key Definitions" below for a detailed list of Proposal types).