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  1. If you are in a page that has labels, clicking on a label will take you to the 'Label' tab of the 'Browse Space' view where all pages in the space with that label will be listed.

    Click on the link 'See content from all spaces' to view all pages with the same label across the site.

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    Navigating to the Browse Space View
    Navigating to the Browse Space View

  3. Click on the 'Labels' tab. You have the option to view labels in one of two ways:

    • Click 'All labels' to view all labels in the space. From this view, you can click on a link to view an alphabetical listing of all labels across the site. Clicking on a label will list all content in the space with that label. It will also display any related labels if they exist. Related labels are labels that frequently appear on pages together. For Example, if pages labelled with 'sales' also tend to have the label 'marketing', these will be displayed as related labels.

    • Click popular labels to view a list of the most frequently used labels in that space. From here, you can also view the most popular global labels across the site.

      Confluence defaults to one of these views when you go to the 'Labels' tab based on your preference on your last visit to the site.
      Each of these views also displays a list of up to fifteen most 'Recent Labels' and 'Popular Labels' in the space.