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Confluence pages can be written in two ways:

  • using a simple markup language called Wiki Markup

    and / or

  • using the Rich Text editor: similar to editors available in standard text editing applications, the Rich Text editor allows you to enter content as you would in a Word document and apply formatting by clicking icons on a toolbar.
  • While the Rich Text editor permits all formatting options possible with Wiki Markup, you will still need to use Wiki Markup for other more complex functions like macros.
  • Help on the Wiki Markup language can be displayed while you are writing a page. The quick notation guide, Help Tips, appears beside the edit screen when you choose the Wiki Markup edit tab. You can then click on Full notation guide in the help window to view the full Notation Guide. This shows you the entire list of formatting and other complex operations that Confluence's notation permits, along with example markup that shows how to perform them.
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