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Building an RSS Feed

Follow the steps below to build your feed, choosing the type of content and the time period you want to monitor.


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Hint: Using Labels to Customise your Feed

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_Using Labels to Customise your Feed


  • Feed authentication options: Confluence can offer you the option of an anonymous feed or a feed that requires authentication.
    • An anonymous feed will show only the content that is visible to anonymous users. The feed URL does not contain the &os_authType parameter mentioned below. This feed is useful only if your Confluence site allows anonymous access. If a feed is anonymous, you only get anonymously-viewable content in the feed regardless of whether you are a Confluence user or not.
    • An authenticated feed requires you to log in to Confluence before you can retrieve the content. The feed URL contains the following parameter: &os_authType=basic.
    • The option to choose between an anonymous and an authenticated feed is currently not available on the feed builder screen. The feed builder offers only authenticated feeds. See CONF-21601 for details and a workaround.