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  • Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to XML

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    Navigating to the Advanced View
    Navigating to the Advanced View
  2. Click 'XML Export' in the left-hand panel.
    This option will only be visible if you have 'Export Space' permission.
  3. Select the check box 'Include Comments' if you want to include comments made on the pages you are exporting.
  4. Select the check box 'Backup Attachments' if you want include the images and other files attached to the pages.
  5. Select the pages you want to export. Select the relevant check boxes in the tree view of pages displayed. By default, all the pages are selected. You have the option to 'Select All' or 'Deselect All' pages. If you select the check box of a page that contains one or more child or descendant pages, all of these child and descendant pages will also be selected. Similarly, if you clear the check box of such a page, all of its child and descendant pages will also be cleared. This provides a convenient method of exporting subtrees, for example, chapters or sections within a document.
  6. Click 'Export'. This will create a zipped archive of XML files.